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Learning Chinese course can be fun and easy. Come and learn Chinese at Sino-bus!

A variety of class types:  1-to-1 class, small class, large class, oral class, interest class.

Designed for all adults and children who want to learn Chinese

Our professional teachers will make personalized study plans and course schedules according to your situation, and follow up to facilitate your study and help you progress. On the other hand, you can also follow our standard courses.

Advanced Education Platform

Diverse curriculums & Flexible learning time

Recognized quality; international award-winning Chinese language courses; experience how effective and fast you can speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • Practice Learning

  • Social Learning

  • Comprehend Learning

  • Inspirational Learning

  • Scientific Learning

  • Interactive Learning

Have fun learning Chinese as children. Learn common phrases, sentence patterns, and Chinese expressions in a variety of Chinese scenarios. The course covers personal life, school socialization, life ideals, and beliefs. Master practical Chinese while building a positive, and confident attitude towards life.
Stand for high-quality lessons and first-class services. Belives in innovation and perfection.

Sino-bus is a Chinese language education brand under Qiangrui International Co. LLC. committed to helping people connect with the Chinese world by providing professional and high-quality Chinese education for both children and adults. Our goal is to encourage our students to enjoy learning Chinese while developing the skills necessary to interact with billions of Chinese speakers worldwide. Our teams are all around the world: California, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Xi’an. 

Immersive teaching scenarios, task-based teaching model

Live online interactive courses are available in 3 delivery formats to meet a wide range of learner needs. Online connection to the teacher on your computer/tablet/mobile phone allows you to immerse yourself in Chinese without having to leave home.

Visualizing learning progress

A clear and complete learning plan to put learners at their ease. Ability test - Trial Class - Course confirmation - Pre-class communication - Open class ceremony - Distribute learning materials - Attend class - Post-class homework - Unit assessment - Reading - Feedback on learning. A complete closed-loop of storytelling, assessment, teaching, learning, practice, testing, feedback, and reading. A clear learning path makes progress visible.

Strong faculty+ Master's degree + complete three certificates

The teachers are national or international masters in education, linguistics, logic, comparative linguistics, and psychology, with an average teaching experience of more than 5 years. This ensures that students can learn efficiently.

Associated China Language Assessment Tests

At a certain level, you can take the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK).

Live online interactive courses are available in 3 delivery formats to meet a wide range of learner needs. Online connection to the teacher on your computer/tablet/mobile phone allows you to immerse yourself in Chinese without having to leave home.

Sino Bus Chinese Tutor Online
Zhiwei Lv
Yaqi Zhang
Xin Xie
Jingling Tang
Sino Bus Students

She likes dancing. Before learning Chinese in Sino-bus, She could speak some short sentences but could not write nor read. After learning Chinese in Sino-bus for two years, she can understand some simple daily Chinese spoken by her teachers and family members. She likes expressing herself in Chinese and reading picture books. She also loves Chinese culture.

Tian Tian

He loves Chinese calligraphy and painting. In the first assessment, his literacy was only 50-80 words. He did not know phonics. He could only communicate in long sentences, but he could not write. After learning Chinese in Sino-bus for one and a half years, he is now particularly fascinated by the homonym, he can communicate with people using rhetorical questions and similes. He can also write around 20 Chinese characters with a brush pen.


He likes to do hexagram boxing. His initial literacy was 50. He could say some short sentences but with a mix of English and Chinese. His mother tells him stories in Chinese. After learning Chinese with Sino-bus for one and a half years, he can express himself in simple sentences using plain Chinese. His biggest dream is to form a Chinese martial artist gourp.

Mu Mu

She likes singing and dancing. She studied Chinese in Sino-bus for one and a half years. Before she started the courses, like many children growing up in an English-only environment, she had no knowledge of reading, writing, or speaking Chinese. She can now read books with Pinyin, understand simple sentences for daily communication, and write about 30 words, including some simple combination words. She likes listening to Jay Chou's song ‘Green Flower Porcelain’ and wants to learn it in Mandrian.


She likes Chinese food. She studied Chinese with Sino-bus for one year. Before that, she had some basic knowledge of Chinese. Under the guidance of her parents, she could stumble and tell stories in Chinese. However, she could not write nor does she know much about Chinese culture. She is now able to read simple Chinese cultural stories marked in pinyin independently and enjoys expressing herself in Chinese. Her target for the end of the year is to have a greater improvement in her Chinese listening, speaking, and reading skills.

What Sino-Bus's Customers Say

Ms. Xinxin's class is very interesting. My kids like to interact with her a lot. Currently, we are very satisfied and have no suggestions. Thank you.

Guoguo's mother

Mr. Wei knows exactly how to catch my son's eyes. My boy is absorbed in class for the entire half an hour and he always asks me when the next class begins. It has been really pleasant! Pell likes Chinese culture very much now. I hope that Mr. Wei can deepen his knowledge on that.

Pell's mother

Our child is very naughty. Her father and I can't make her behave in class, but Mrs. Tang Tang has a good way to teach her, especially with games and rewards. She behaves well in class with Mrs. Tang Tang. I really appreciate our teacher and I am very satisfied.

Abbi's mother

Your course is very interesting. It has a lot of games that my daughter likes very much. So far it's been good. I am satisfied.

Daisy's mother

I have never seen such a teaching method before. Cady can learn a few Chinese characters by just the storytelling part in each class. He likes it very much. Thank you!

Cady's mother

I watched her attend her class today. Your course includes Chinese and some knowledge of natural science and mathematics? Great!

Cara's mother

Yes, this is the most cost-effective Chinese class I've ever registered for my Ady. I'm going to stop offline and only take it with you guys online! Thank you.

Ady's mother

I was pleasantly surprised. Last time I told the teacher that my child wanted to learn more about Pinyin, she immediately added the materials to her courses. I reckon that the effect is superb. Thank you, Mrs. Tang Tang!

Dora's mother

My child took 2 weeks off for Christmas, during which he kept whining that he wanted to see her Chinese teacher. Today he finally went to class. My guy is extremely happy. I feel satisfied with everything.

Stone's father

I went to trial class with him when he attended class. I feel that my baby loved talking to the teacher more than before. When he is at home, he can actually write characters all right. This is great progress, thank you for teaching him during this difficult time.

Xixi’s mother
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