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Sino Bus Mandarin Chinese Classes Online

Sino-bus incorporates the latest international language acquisition theory - the "5C" curriculum standard - into the curriculum system, paying attention to the development of learners' comprehensive ability, and creating an immersive learning environment

Adult Chinese Class

The adult Chinese language courses include the series of Standard Course HSK, Chinese 101 in Cartoons (For Travelers), Survival Chinese 101, Business Chinese 101.111

Teens & Kids Chinese Lessons

The series of Chinese lessons for teenagers is a special course for improving Chinese ability, which is based on the development of teenagers' intelligence, the characteristics of their age, and the characteristics of Chinese learning. In this series of Chinese language classes, the learners can completely get rid of the boring learning environment, and systematically grasp the knowledge of Chinese, in the real Chinese scene communication is an all-around way to achieve listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation integration.111

HSK Online Course

100% covered the HSK examination syllabus, and 100% conformed to the HSK real questions.111

Youth Chinese Test

This course aims to enhance the students' self-confidence and sense of achievement in learning Chinese, and follows the principle of ''Combining examination with teaching'', ''Examination promotes teaching'' and“Examination promotes learning”.111

Where Should I Start from When Learning Mandarin Course?

Steps for Children to Learn Chinese

Types of Courses for Adults to Learn Chinese

Happy Chinese Enlightenment Edition
  • Learn everyday language

  • Practice listening and expressing

  • Accumulate simple words and phrases

Chinese Character Enlightenment
  • Characterization of words and phrases

  • Integration of stories

  • Listening, speaking, reading, and writing

  • Comprehensive development

Happy Chinese
  • For students with no Chinese environment and basic knowledge

  • HSK Elementary Edition focuses on listening and speaking

  • Learn Pinyin through games by combining cognitive rules and funny stories

Primary Chinese
  • Focus on word accumulation, word usage, language rules, and overall improvement

Chinese Storytelling
  • Knowing the past and discerning the present

  • Rich in knowledge

  • Many stories can be told

Tourism Chinese
  • The course includes six aspects: transportation, accommodation, food, travel, shopping and play.

  • Choose words and sentence patterns that are most frequently used in daily conversation.

  • Introduce Chinese tourism culture and customs.

  • It is easy to learn, lively and interesting to help learners speak Chinese quickly and efficiently.

  • Explain in English with assistance, so people without foundation have no pressure.

Business Chinese
  • 10 thematic units cover all aspects of the curriculum.

  • Help business professionals in China or foreign countries to learn basic Business Chinese in a short period of time.

  • Quickly eliminate language barriers and improve the communication ability of Business Chinese.

  • Let learners easily integrate into China's workplace life.

  • Explain in English with assistance, so people without foundation have no pressure.

Daily Chinese
  • For international students in China, foreign workers and primary and intermediate Chinese learners.

  • The course content is simple, practical and targeted.

  • Help learners improve their Chinese communication skills in a short time and easily integrate into Chinese life.

  • Explain in English with assistance, so people without foundation have no pressure.

  • Fully matching the new HSK test standards.

  • Target, topic, vocabulary, grammar, language style, expression form, picture selection and other aspects are completely consistent with the new HSK test.

  • Develop learners' communicative and operational abilities in Chinese comprehensively.

  • Effectively improve the pass rate of the new HSK test.

  • Explain in English with assistance, so people without foundation have no pressure.

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Imaster Technology llc.
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