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About Sino-bus

Sino-bus History

  • When the head office was just established, it introduced an online teaching platform that maximized the reproduction of an offline classroom. Achieve multi-person audio & video synchronization and interactive whiteboards with professional online classrooms. Give learners a professional online classroom scenario.

  • We have rapidly established three branches around the world. To meet the growing demand of Chinese language enthusiasts as well as ethnic Chinese children learning Chinese.

  • After a rigorous selection process, an expert teaching and research team was set up to focus on academic research and curriculum development for Chinese language enthusiasts and ethnic Chinese children aged 4-16 around the world.

  • Self-edited primary school language tutorials in the  Compulsory Education Language Textbooks compiled by the Ministry of Education version. The immersive and playful teaching style is popular with children from all countries and the learning content is synchronized with that taught in China.

  • A babysitting 24/7 course service team has been created to ensure that every learner can enjoy course services in Audition Classes, Official Classes, Small Group Classes, Extra-curricular Reading Camps, and so on.

About Sino-bus

Sino-bus is a Chinese language education brand of Hanhe Culture Technology (Shenzhen) Co. In just a few years, we have rapidly established three branches around the world. With a professional attitude, excellent teaching skills, and favorable reputation in the industry, we have become the preferred Chinese training institution for many overseas Chinese language enthusiasts. We have helped thousands of foreigners and ethnic Chinese children in over 50 countries to connect with the Chinese world.

Immersive Teaching Scenarios, Task-based Teaching Model
Visualising Learning Progress
Strong Faculty, Master's Degree + Complete Three Certificates
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