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Adult Chinese Class

This series of courses helps adult Chinese learners to improve their Chinese communication skills in life, study and work from an absolute foundation. In order to remove barriers to language comprehension, improve Chinese communication skills, and easily integrate into Chinese life.

Reasons to Learn Chinese for Adults

China is world's most widely spoken language.

Chinese is spoken in other countries besides China.

Chinese history and culture is rich and deep.

Cross culture bridges with the Chinese language.

The Chinese economy is the world's 2nd largest economy.

Sino Bus Adult Chinese Class Advanatges

Rich and practical content, comprehensive topics, more targeted and more professional.

Emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, aimed at helping learners quickly improve their language skills and integrate into Chinese life.

The "live + recorded" class format. The live class is a way to find and catch up on missed knowledge, and the recorded class is a way to review and consolidate. This is a faster and more efficient way to achieve language mastery.

"Knowledge + Culture" mode has vivid teaching scenarios and practical cultural tips, so that students can learn Chinese and understand Chinese customs at the same time, and experience the differences between China and other countries.

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