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Business Chinese Learning

The Significance of Business Chinese

Learning Chinese for adults has different purposes. Some people learn Chinese for adults for the main purpose is to use Chinese in their work or study. The Chinese they learned are special Chinese. Business Chinese is a kind of special Chinese, which refers to the language specially used in business occasions for work and communication. Similar to business Chinese, there are academic Chinese, medical Chinese, and so on.

Characteristics of Business Chinese

Business mandarin is closely related to everyday Chinese

The first lesson of business mandarin is usually from “您贵姓?”. And this sentence is a more formal everyday Chinese. Business mandarin has never been a slang that only professionals can understand. It exists all around us and is a real applied everyday Chinese.

Business mandarin is widely used

Whether it's a senior consultant at a big headhunting firm or a secretary at a small staffing firm, and whether a high-level cocktail party or a customer return call, every sentence of communication can be called business Chinese. Even an aunt at a local vegetable market can offer her customers a live practice of speaking business mandarin.

Business mandarin involves Chinese cultural knowledge and national conditions

Under different cultural backgrounds, there are great differences in business style, negotiation strategy, and conversation mode. Foreigners' impression of Chinese people is euphemistic and implicit, stressing “harmony is most valuable” and “the golden mean” in everything. As a result, many foreign students also learn “哪里哪里” and “马马虎虎”. In the business Chinese course, the content about Chinese culture and China's national conditions is indispensable.

Business Chinese course has become more and more popular in today's world and become one of the ways for learning Chinese for adults. Business Chinese course trains talents for cross-cultural communication. The characteristics of cross-cultural communication determine the requirements of business Chinese courses for knowledge of Chinese society, history, and culture.

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