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Chinese 101 is a series of speaking books for international students in China, expatriate staff and intermediate learners. The aim is to help readers learn basic sentences in a short time, imitate and use them in relevant contexts, quickly remove language barriers, improve their communicative competence and integrate easily into Chinese life.

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Living Chinese consists of 15 thematic units, namely Meeting and Greeting, Social Interaction, Going to China, Getting to Know Each Other, School Life, Accommodation, Meals, Shopping, Entertainment, Travel, City Transportation, Hotels, Banks, Health Care, and Other Services. Each thematic unit contains around 10 topic lessons. In terms of content, the various topics within the same thematic unit are interlinked while retaining their independence and integrity. Each topic consists of 6 sections.

Core sentences:

Each topic has a core sentence, and learners focus on practicing the core sentences so that they can apply them in practical communication.

Sentence Patterns and Substitutions:

This section provides 2-4 substitute words, phrases, or sentences to help learners learn more effectively.


This section provides 3-5 commonly used sentences related to the topic, which learners should practice repeatedly to select for use in relevant contexts.

Conversation examples: 

The conversations are based around core sentences, often 6-8 sentences. The aim is to help students learn Chinese expressions, Chinese speaking habits, and logic in relevant contexts so that they can better express themselves and understand each other.

Related words:

To provide more choice of words for the actual application.

Cultural navigation:

In order to give learners a better understanding of Chinese culture, each topic explains a cultural phenomenon that is directly or indirectly related to the topic, such as "Chinese last names and first names" in "Asking for names".

Daily Chinese Course Features_copy20220909

Daily Chinese Course Features_copy20220909

A practical curriculum design

The course design content is simple, practical and highly targeted.

A rich curriculum content

The course content is extensive, covering many aspects of life in China.

Pay attention to effect and efficiency

It aims to help learners quickly eliminate language barriers, improve Chinese communication skills and easily integrate into Chinese life.

The "live + recorded" class format

The live class is a way to find and catch up on missed knowledge, and the recorded class is a way to review and consolidate. This is a faster and more efficient way to achieve language mastery.

"Ready-to-use" Teaching of Daily Chinese Course_copy20220909

"Ready-to-use" Teaching of Daily Chinese Course_copy20220909

Quotes from famous people involved in common words to help you communicate fluently.

Can only say "你好" and "再见"? Can only speak simple Chinese words? Are you like a beginner after three years of learning Chinese? In each of our Chinese classes, there are sections on idioms and famous ancient Chinese sentences. The teacher takes you to understand the deep meanings and combine them with practical usage and uses them to enrich your Chinese vocabulary. Even beginners can surprise other learners and even Chinese people when speaking Chinese! By the way, while learning them, you can also learn more about Chinese history and culture, and experience China, an ancient country with thousands of years of culture in all aspects.

"Ready-to-use" Teaching of Daily Chinese Course_copy20220909

Crossing cultural barriers without intercultural communication difficulties.

What is the significance of white and red in Chinese culture? Why are elevator buttons in many buildings in China 1, 2, 3, 5A, 5, 6? Why does the "4" disappear? Why do the Chinese always refute other people's praise of them? As we all know, there are many interesting contents in Chinese culture, including life tips, tourism culture, traditional festivals, and so on, which will make people confused when they come to China for the first time. This is the inevitable cultural collision. Learning a lot of Chinese, but they do not understand Chinese culture, sometimes they even make some faults. "Cultural navigation" is also a fixed part of every course, helping every Chinese learner to quickly become a real China expert.

"Ready-to-use" Teaching of Daily Chinese Course_copy20220909

Take you through the difficulties of phonetic intonation one by one to master authentic Mandarin.

Mandarin has four different tones, so it can sometimes sound like singing. However, the four tones of the nice Chinese make every learner feel confused. The same pronunciation with different tones has a different Chinese meaning. In our class, the teacher will introduce you to the Chinese "stave". Learning mandarin tones is just like learning music with relaxation and pleasure. For learners of different native language backgrounds, we help them to master unique pronunciation skills and predict pronunciation errors in advance so that every Chinese learner can speak standard Chinese with good pronunciation.

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