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Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi

HSK is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency, which focuses on the ability of candidates who use Chinese as a non-first language to communicate in Chinese in their daily life, study, and work. The HSK includes HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, and HSK 6.

1. HSK 1

Candidates who have passed HSK 1 can understand and use some simple Chinese words and sentences, meet specific communication needs, and have the ability to further learn Chinese.

2. HSK 2

Candidates who have passed HSK 2 can communicate in Chinese simply and directly on familiar daily topics, reaching the advanced level of primary Chinese.

3. HSK 3

Candidates who have passed HSK 3 can complete basic communicative tasks in life, study and work in Chinese, and deal with most communicative tasks when traveling in China.

4. HSK 4

Candidates who have passed HSK 4 can talk about a wide range of topics in Chinese and communicate with native Chinese speakers more fluently.

5. HSK 5

Candidates who have passed HSK 5 can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese movies and TV programs, and make complete speeches in Chinese.

6. HSK 6

Candidates who have passed HSK 6 can easily understand what they hear or read in Chinese, and express their opinions in Chinese fluently in oral or written form.

At present, HSK has become a passport for studying in China, a prerequisite for applying for scholarships to study in China, and an important means of school teaching evaluation, and has been used by government departments and multinational enterprises in more and more countries as an important basis for staff recruitment, salary raising, and promotion.

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