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How Do 3-5 Year Olds Learn Chinese Characters?

Chinese characters are very beautiful characters. As the language of the Chinese nation, they reflect the profoundness of Chinese culture and are also one of the earliest characters in the world.

Learning Chinese characters is like getting a pass to the top of the culture! Chinese character for enlightenment is very important for the growth of children. Chinese character enlightenment education will bring huge changes in children's life, especially for babies who are 3-5 years old. Sinobus offers Chinese classes for children aged 3-5, integrating literacy into stories and games, so that children can stimulate their interest in autonomous memory through interaction and master Chinese characters easily and happily in games.

Ⅰ. The benefits of Chinese character for enlightenment

1. Let children get in touch with Chinese characters early

Exposure to more vocabulary can well exercise children's oral expression ability, let children speak, speak more and speak smoothly, eloquence will naturally improve, in the future work, employment and making friends are very good advantageous.

2. Learn to write Chinese characters

Only by feeling the charm of Chinese characters and the beauty of Chinese characters can we discover the wisdom of the ancients, gradually exercise children's writing ability, and in the future will be able to write beautiful calligraphy. impression.

3. Learning Chinese characters well will lay the most solid foundation for future writing ability

Now that there is a certain writing ability, I believe that there will be a great advantage in finding a job.

Ⅱ. Knowing the importance of Chinese characters, how to teach children Chinese characters enlightenment education?

Many parents have a headache for their children to learn Chinese characters, because it is actually quite difficult to learn Chinese characters, especially because there are many similar characters, which makes the children confused and boring to learn.

Learning Chinese characters is not difficult as long as you master the right method, and as parents, we must be able to persevere, accompany and urge children to learn together, and make children interested in learning Chinese characters. Take the following methods to easily get the Chinese characters for enlightenment.

Learn Chinese characters and use Chinese character nursery rhymes to solve the difficult problem of children learning Chinese characters in minutes.


If Sinobus students have this kind of nursery rhyme when learning Chinese characters, they will learn it very quickly, read it smoothly, and remember it, and they can also have fun and stimulate their interest in learning.

When Sinobus Chinese learns Chinese characters, it is not just limited to letting children use the traditional and boring method. To memorize word by word, it will greatly increase the child's learning burden and make children begin to resist. If you want to let children learn Chinese characters easily, So using nursery rhymes to distinguish the many forms and near-characters in Chinese characters is the best way.

Let the children learn happily, take the initiative to learn, and actively explore the mystery of Chinese characters. In short, the more children know about Chinese characters, the better, and they must persist and accumulate for a long time to gain a sense of accomplishment in learning Chinese characters. Becoming an activist is half the battle.

Chinese characters are the essence of Chinese culture. Only by learning Chinese characters can we learn more about Chinese culture. Because the structure of Chinese characters is very representative, it is very different from most other alphabetic languages! It can be said that with the advantages of Chinese characters, people's thinking will undergo huge changes!

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