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Living Chinese consists of 15 thematic units, namely Meeting and Greeting, Social Interaction, Going to China, Getting to Know Each Other, School Life, Accommodation, Meals, Shopping, Entertainment, Travel, City Transportation, Hotels, Banks, Health Care, and Other Services. Each thematic unit contains around 10 topic lessons. In terms of content, the various topics within the same thematic unit are interlinked while retaining their independence and integrity. Each topic consists of 6 sections.

Core sentences:

Each topic has a core sentence, and learners focus on practicing the core sentences so that they can apply them in practical communication.

Sentence Patterns and Substitutions:

This section provides 2-4 substitute words, phrases, or sentences to help learners learn more effectively.


This section provides 3-5 commonly used sentences related to the topic, which learners should practice repeatedly to select for use in relevant contexts.

Conversation examples: 

The conversations are based around core sentences, often 6-8 sentences. The aim is to help students learn Chinese expressions, Chinese speaking habits, and logic in relevant contexts so that they can better express themselves and understand each other.

Related words:

To provide more choice of words for the actual application.

Cultural navigation:

In order to give learners a better understanding of Chinese culture, each topic explains a cultural phenomenon that is directly or indirectly related to the topic, such as "Chinese last names and first names" in "Asking for names".

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