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How to Learn Mandarin

Understand the Basic Concepts of Mandarin Pronunciation and Broadcast Pronunciation

We should understand the basic concept of broadcast pronunciation before the mandarin training, so as to accurately understand the relevant content of scientific pronunciation.

Improve the Listening Ability of Mandarin Pronunciation

Only by enhancing the listening ability of mandarin pronunciation can we make corrections in mandarin training and make standard pronunciation become habitual pronunciation.

Practice Mandarin Pronunciation Step by Step

Mandarin training is a gradual process. The most important thing in Chinese training is to practice consistently to strengthen and consolidate one's impression of correct pronunciation. In Chinese training, we should start with the monosyllabic words, and two-syllable words to find out the nonstandard pronunciation, and correct pronunciation, and then increase the difficulty of practice.

Try to Create an Atmosphere for Chinese Training

Learning a language in a specific language environment is relatively easy. In the environment of mandarin training, we are constantly stimulated by the mandarin and constantly consolidate and strengthen the expression ability of mandarin, so that we have better ability in Chinese training. This also suggests that you can choose an online mandarin school for systematic learning.

Start with Pinyin Learning

If you don't pass pinyin learning, mandarin training is extremely difficult. We should look up the dictionary more, especially pay attention to the word polyphonic and polysemy. Secondly, you should write down the characters you often mispronounce and take time to practice them. This can be more targeted and is also the most effective way for pinyin learning. Finally, stick to daily communication in mandarin.

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