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To Learn Chinese Characters Well, Strokes Are Very Important!

Chinese characters are made up of strokes. Stroke is the uninterrupted line that is written when writing Chinese characters, from the point of the pen falling on the paper to when it is lifted. In the process of writing a pen to starting a pen, the path the pen travels on the paper can be long or short, straight or curved, but it is called a painting. Writing Chinese characters can be the most difficult part of learning Chinese. Sinobus' Chinese character initiation program integrates literacy into stories and games. By practicing writing strokes with character characteristics, children can improve their hands-on skills and help develop their left and right hands. brain and right brain. In addition, the cultural information contained in Chinese characters is explained in detail, so that students can learn the essence of traditional culture subtly, and climb this mountain naturally.

1. What are the strokes of Chinese characters?

There are 32 types of Chinese strokes currently in use, which are standard strokes in regular script, and are also the basis for children's Chinese character for enlightenment.

There are six basic strokes, and twenty-six other strokes, all of which are combined strokes.


2. Chinese characters must be able to recognize and write

Children from overseas who are just learning Chinese, like new primary school students in China, must learn to recognize strokes, be able to name the strokes, and be able to distinguish and write correctly.


Stroke learning is an important teaching content in the period of beginners writing. When learning to write, every time you encounter a new stroke, you must first learn the stroke, and then learn to write the Chinese character.

In teaching, the stroke card is a very useful tool, which can be used both when learning strokes and reviewing.

Sinobus' stroke cards have clear, eye-catching and beautiful strokes, standard names, with pronunciation, and numbers are marked according to the order in which the strokes appear in the Chinese character stroke name table to facilitate sorting, and there are two sizes of sizes.

The big card is a poster type/wall chart type, a type of stroke, which is suitable for sticking on the whiteboard in the classroom and can be seen by the whole class.

The small card is four strokes per page, printed out on A4 paper, and then cut out to become four stroke cards, suitable for small class teaching, one-on-one or homeschooling children.

Among all the strokes of Chinese characters, 28 kinds of them should be encountered by children in the first two or three hundred characters they learn.

At this stage, if you earnestly learn the strokes of Chinese characters, the overseas Chinese children can also be able to do the same as the Chinese children. Any character, whether they know it or not, can be disassembled into the correct strokes.

3. The stroke order of Chinese characters is also important

It is not enough to only recognize the strokes composed of Chinese characters, but also to be able to combine them in the correct order, that is, to master the correct stroke order of Chinese characters.

Stroke order is the experience summed up by previous people in many years of writing. Writing Chinese characters according to the stroke order makes it easier to write the characters correctly, neatly and beautifully.

Mastering the stroke order of Chinese characters can also help children memorize them.

In the same way, children from British and American countries should also learn letter formation and practice writing according to the standard writing method when they first learn to write English letters after school. When you are a little older, you need to learn cursive writing, that is, even strokes, and you have to start training from the cursive writing method of each letter.

Chinese characters enlightenment for overseas Chinese children, like Chinese primary school students, must be strictly required at the beginning, and the stroke order of each new character must be correct. In fact, as the saying goes, learning now is for not learning later.

After the children have passed the brush stroke training in the beginning period, they will transition to focus on learning the interframe structure and radicals of Chinese characters.

With this accumulation of knowledge, when they encounter new words again, there is no need for us teachers and parents to teach how to write stroke by stroke.

For example, for oral characters, after the writing habit of correct stroke order is established, when you go to learn the characters in the national character frame such as Guo and Yuan, it will be a matter of course.

Moreover, once you have mastered the stroke order, inter-frame structure and common radicals of Chinese characters, you will be able to unlock the important skill of looking up characters in radicals with ease.

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