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At What Age is Best to Start Teaching Children Chinese?

For Chinese children, they often come into contact with an English-speaking environment, and learning Chinese has become a secondary language. It is worth considering how to help children learn Chinese while also learning English, as well as when to start learning Chinese characters for enlightenment. 

Sinobus offers Chinese courses for children aged 4-16, from Chinese character for enlightenment and pinyin to listening and speaking practice, to eventually mastering Chinese writing. A tailored learning plan for each child is provided by a professional teacher team, along with fun and effective courses that yield visible results, available 24/7 to allow children to learn Chinese happily at home. 

At what age is it best for children to start learning Chinese characters for enlightenment? 

Studies have shown that newborn babies have a strong language learning ability, but this ability will decline sharply after the age of 6, and will completely lose this ability after the age of 12. In other words, excluding the time for children to grow up at the age of 1-3 and the time to accept their mother tongue, the age of 4-12 is the best age for children to learn a second language.

Another study also shows that there are two situations for children to learn a second language: the first, the younger the child who starts learning a foreign language, the longer the cumulative learning time for learning a foreign language; the second, when starting to learn a foreign language The age of children is also younger, and the cumulative learning time for foreign language learning is also less than that of older children.

So is the age at the beginning of learning important, or the cumulative learning time is more important?

There are also two situations here. The first one: the cumulative learning time is the same, and the older you are when you start learning a second language, the stronger your language ability; powerful.

It can be seen that it takes a certain amount of time for children to learn a language before they can achieve results. According to research, children have to learn the second language for more than 400 hours in total before they can feel the language and the effect will be highlighted.

The cumulative time is important, and the starting age is also important. From the perspective of children's ability development, it is better to start learning at the age of 4-5, and then accumulate a certain amount of time at the age of 7.

Therefore, if parents want their children to learn Chinese, it is best to start around the age of 4, and then use a step-by-step approach to get in touch with Chinese and accumulate language learning time, so that the best language learning effect can be achieved.

What method do you use to let your children learn Chinese? Everyone knows the saying, "interest is the best teacher". If you can start with interest, mobilize children's learning interest, and let children start learning independently, the best learning effect can be achieved.

How can we better mobilize children's interest in learning Chinese?

When learning Chinese, there are a few points to pay attention to:

  • Be patient. The progress of children's learning may be relatively slow at the beginning, so in this process, it is very important to be patient if you want to mobilize your children's interest.

  • Parents and teachers should allow children to start learning simple words that are more exposed to life. For example, the names of animals, fruits, vehicles, etc. that are common in life. Only by teaching children the words that they already understand the meaning of, can they better stimulate their interest in learning Chinese.

  • You can start with the aspects that the child is interested in, so that the child has a sense of participation. If your child likes to sing, you can teach some Chinese songs first, so that through the connection between songs and Chinese, the child will love to learn Chinese. In addition, you can also combine short sentences, expressions and actions through performances to deepen children's understanding of words and short sentences, instead of boring indoctrination, which makes children resist.

If children can start at the optimal learning age and adopt good learning methods, then learning Chinese well will be a matter of course and just around the corner.

Sinobus Chinese was founded by Hanhe Cultural Technology Co., Ltd. The company focuses on providing systematic, formal and scientific Chinese training services for Chinese children aged 4-16. Welcome to consult.

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