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What Is the Best Chinese Language Textbook for Chinese American Children Learning Chinese?

Overseas Chinese education has seen a booming development over the past few decades. Amid the dazzling array of Chinese language classes textbooks, some recommend "Si Wu Kuai Du," while others borrow Chinese "Yu Wen" textbooks. But which Chinese language textbook is the best for overseas students? There are many choices, but which set of Chinese textbooks is the best? Every child is different, and every family is different. Overseas Chinese learning also has its own characteristics and problems to be faced.

Which Chinese classes textbook is the best can only be instructive when viewed in the context of the teaching object and the actual teaching environment. Sinobus is not limited to traditional teaching materials, but uses rich pictures, animations, music, stories and other media to create specific and vivid language learning methods, so that boring language learning can be optimally presented in rich and colorful curriculum settings, so as to improve children's Chinese Interests, cultivate children's listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and cultivate children's Chinese cultural cognition.

What is the Chinese language classes textbook?

It is a mother tongue textbook for Chinese children living in China.

Simply put, the living and learning environment of overseas children determines that Chinese is not their mother tongue. Even in terms of listening and speaking, they cannot reach the Chinese language proficiency of their peers in China. 

Chinese children are immersed in a Chinese environment 24/7, and they spend an additional 2-3 hours per day studying Chinese in classrooms and doing homework.

How can overseas children achieve this? Forcing them to learn Chinese with Chinese language classes textbooks leads to a steep learning curve, resulting in frustration and resistance to Chinese language learning, which exceeds their sense of achievement.

Should we learn Chinese or international Chinese?

Whether children have basic Chinese listening and speaking skills divides overseas children into two groups.

One group has a lower starting point and needs to start with listening and speaking training.

Why can't children understand simple Chinese in their daily lives? Because there is no good Chinese language environment at home. Neither parent can insist on speaking Chinese with their children, and even one party might not be Chinese, leading to a situation that is different from typical Chinese-speaking overseas children.

These children study Chinese as a foreign language, so they should be placed in the category of international Chinese.

"Learn Chinese With Me" is a Chinese textbook planned by the Hanban (the current Chinese Language Education Council) for international Chinese teaching.


"Yes! Chinese" is a Chinese textbook listed by Hanban as a gift for Confucius Institutes. It is specifically for weekend and after-school Chinese schools, covering beginner, intermediate, advanced, and Chinese culture stages, covering grades 1-12. This set of courses is compiled in accordance with the 5C requirements of the American Foreign Language Learning Standards and combined with the new HSK1-6 test outline.

In contrast to the former category, it is the situation of children from typical Chinese families: they have basic Chinese listening and speaking skills, both parents or one of them maintain Chinese communication with their children, and they pay more attention to the construction of a small Chinese environment at home. expectations are also higher.


The "Zhong Wen(Chinese)" textbook of Jinan University in China is a textbook commissioned by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China. It is a textbook specially designed for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese children to learn Chinese. This set of textbooks is very popular and widely used in European and American countries. It is professional and simple, with rich illustrations and texts, suitable for beginners to get started. The revised version of "Zhong Wen(Chinese)" has a total of 52 volumes, and it is also suitable for students in the advanced stage.

"Hua Wen" is also a Chinese teaching material released by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, but it is aimed at overseas full-time Chinese schools, conducting "ethnic mother tongue" subject education, and benchmarking against the "Chinese" syllabus of Chinese primary schools. The predecessor was "Chinese", which was revised in 2018 and renamed "Hua Wen".


"Si Wu Kuai Du" is completely different from the above Chinese textbooks. It is a set of books for children's early literacy. Synchronized with elementary school textbooks, it is aimed at Chinese children. It can be used, but if children want to learn Chinese well, they still need to transfer to systematic Chinese learning textbooks.

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