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How to Learn Chinese Pinyin

Hanyu Pinyin is the pronunciation of Chinese, and it is also a communication language that Chinese children learn from childhood. Whether it is at home or on campus, all students learn Chinese with Pinyin as the first priority.

1. Learn Chinese Pinyin: Alphabet

When we first started to learn Pinyin, what we had to face was the alphabet. It is the primary task to memorize, write and memorize the alphabet. Whether it is for children or adults, not knowing how to use alphabets in pinyin is a hassle.

You can do this simple action at a fixed time every day for a month.

2. Learn Chinese Pinyin: Spelling Order

This order means that when spelling the letters, you should pay attention to which ones can be placed in the front, which ones cannot be matched, and which ones can only be used as follow-up spelling. Here you can refer to some books for learning Chinese Pinyin.

3. Learn Chinese Pinyin: Pronunciation Rules

For Chinese pronunciation, it generally refers to initials, finals, etc. This is also one of the obvious problems that many children and adults will confuse. Here you can buy some picture books or picture books for children to learn and memorize.

4. Learn Chinese Pinyin: multisyllable

The most obvious Chinese in China is polyphonic characters, which are not understood by many people. When reading, there will be one or another pronunciation error, which leads to many times we dare not open the mouth to read words, words, etc. at will.

Here you can use some dictionaries or text outlines to learn and look up.

5. Learn Chinese Pinyin: Phrases

When the basic pinyin, pronunciation, and polyphonic characters are almost mastered, the next step is dictation, reading, and recitation of phrases.

It can only be expressed in the usual diary and composition. This is also the basic term that needs to be paid attention to when communicating in society.

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