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Frequently Asked Questions about HSK

HSK level is the proof of the corresponding Chinese language and soil required for international students to enter Chinese schools, and it is also the basis for employers to recruit Chinese language personnel. Sinobus online classrooms offer HSK1-6 courses to help Chinese learners improve their Chinese language skills and obtain corresponding qualification certificates.

1. What is HSK?

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test for non-native Chinese speakers.

The new HSK consists of two separate parts: a written test and an oral test. The written test is divided into six levels from HSK level 1 to HSK level 6; the oral test is divided into three levels: HSK (basic), HSK (primary-intermediate) and HSK (advanced).

2. Why do people take the HSK test?

All interested non-native Chinese speakers can take the HSK test. The purpose of Chinese learners taking the HSK test is to apply Chinese in their academic, daily and work environments.

HSK test scores can be used as a reference for educational institutions to recruit students, grant credits, train and promote employees, and apply for Confucius Institute scholarships.

3. Where can I take the HSK test?

There are usually two ways to take the HSK test - in person or online. When we say "online", we don't mean that you can take the HSK test at home - these tests are still administered at test centers, it's just that you are taking the online version of the HSK instead of the paper-based HSK test.

One reason you might prefer an online test is that you can type your answers—it might appeal to people who have trouble remembering how to write, or who prefer to type because they're faster.

Either way, you can use the online method to register for the exam - very convenient.

4. Will the HSK certificate expire?

HSK certificates are like diplomas and are valid forever. However, if you plan to use your HSK scores to apply for admission to higher education institutions in China, your scores are only valid for two years from the date you take the test. Sinobus Chinese students' fast-track course can help you easily get the certificate

5. What are the requirements for each HSK level?

HSK-Level 1 (Vocabulary: 150)

The test consists of a listening part and a reading part and is 40 minutes long.

HSK-Level 2 (Vocabulary: 300)

The exam consists of a listening and reading section and is 55 minutes long.

HSK-Level 3 (Vocabulary: 600)

The test consists of listening, reading and writing sections and is 90 minutes long.

HSK-level (vocabulary: 1200)

The exam consists of listening, reading and writing sections and is 105 minutes long.

HSK- Level 5 (Vocabulary: 2500)

The exam consists of listening, reading and writing sections and is 120 minutes long.

HSK- Level 6 (Vocabulary: 5000)

The exam consists of listening, reading and writing sections and is 135 minutes long.

6. How do you know your level?

If you want to prepare for the test yourself, you can do the following: Check your vocabulary for each level. If you know more than 60%, then you can move on to the next level. You can also try the HSK sample test. If you need HSK test preparation training, you can simply assess it with us.

7. How to check HSK scores?

You may be wondering how long it takes to know your HSK score. You will be able to access your scores online about 1 month after the test. Your HSK test results will be checked online at

8. How many times can I take the HSK test?

If you do not achieve a passing score, you may take the test in the same category again. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the exam.

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