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What is the Best Age for Children to Learn Chinese?


For Chinese children, they are often exposed to the English environment, and the learning of Chinese has become a second language. How to let children learn English well at the same time learn Chinese well, at what age to start learning and other issues are worth thinking about.

In fact, the brain development of a person at the age of seven is equivalent to that of a normal adult, so before the age of seven is the period when children's personality is established, and their self-ability such as imagination, attention, observation, memory, analysis, and control are also growing rapidly. period.

What is the best age for children to learn Chinese?

Studies have shown that newborn babies have strong language learning ability, but this ability will drop sharply after the age of 6, and will completely lose this ability after the age of 12. That is to say, excluding the time when children grow up at the age of 1-3 and the time to accept their mother tongue, 4-12 years old is the best age for children to learn a second language.


Another study also shows that there are two situations for children to learn a second language: first, the younger the child who begins to learn a foreign language, the longer the cumulative learning time of the foreign language; the second, the beginning of learning a foreign language The age of children is also younger, and the cumulative learning time of foreign language learning is less than that of older children.

So is the age at which you start learning more important, or is the cumulative learning time more important? There are also two cases here, the first one: the accumulated learning time is the same, the older you are when you start learning the second language, the stronger your language ability; the second one, the same age when you start learning, the accumulated learning time is longer, and the language ability is stronger powerful.

It can be seen that children need to accumulate a certain amount of time to learn language in order to achieve the effect. According to research, children can only feel the language when they have accumulated more than 400 hours of learning a second language, and the effect will be prominent.

Cumulative time is important, as is starting age. From the perspective of the child's ability development, it is better to start learning at the age of 4-5 and accumulate it for a certain period of time at the age of 7.

Therefore, if parents want their children to learn Chinese, it is best to start around the age of 4, and then through a step-by-step approach, they will be exposed to Chinese and accumulate language learning time, so as to achieve the best language learning effect.

So how can we help children learn Chinese? Everyone knows the saying, "Interest is the best teacher". If you can start with interest, mobilize children's interest in learning, and let children start learning independently, in order to achieve the best learning effect.

How can we better mobilize children's interest in learning Chinese?


When learning Chinese, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Be patient. Children may start to learn slowly, so in this process, if you want to arouse your child's interest, patience is very important.

2. Parents and teachers should let children start learning from simple words that are more exposed to in life. Such as the names of common animals, fruits, vehicles, etc. in life. Teaching children the words that already understand the meaning can better stimulate their interest in learning Chinese.

3. You can start from the aspects that the child is interested in, so that the child has a sense of participation. If the child likes to sing, you can teach some Chinese songs first, so that through the connection between the songs and Chinese, the child will fall in love with learning Chinese. In addition, it is also possible to combine short sentences, expressions and actions through performances to deepen children's understanding of words and short sentences, instead of boring indoctrination, which makes children resistant to emotions.

If children can start at the best learning age and adopt good learning methods, Sino-bus Chinese was founded by Hanhe Culture Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with branches in Hong Kong, China, Xi'an, United States, Los Angeles, China There are branches. The company focuses on providing systematic, formal and scientific Chinese training services for Chinese children aged 4-16. Be a good helper for your child to learn Chinese.

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